Field Craft

Field Craft

Field craft in the Air Training Corps is a set of military survival skills taught so that cadets can operate in an outdoor environment self - sufficiently in order to achieve their objective.  Key skills include cooking and eating using MOD 24 hour ration packs, camouflaging and concealing yourself and your equipment, moving undetected, patrolling tactically as a section, constructing and living in ‘basher shelters’ used by the UK armed forces and protecting yourselves with sentry procedures.  Once learnt these skills are then honed through training exercises, often team vs. team competing against each other.






40F Squadron are lucky enough to have the Mereworth Woods MOD training area close by, which we use for evening training and exercises when we need more space for training.  We have also run field craft camps further afield, staying overnight for longer exercises.  In addition to this there is the opportunity to go on week long green camps which typically involve target rifle shooting and field craft in places like the Isle of Wight or Sennybridge in Wales.

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